We were incredibly proud to host Shane Koyczan on his UK tour two years ago and those of you that came along will know why we're so excited to have him back. Shane is a Canadian spoken word poet, past U.S. Slam Champion and winner of the Canadian Spoken Word Olympics. He is also the man behind the viral sensation (with over 20 million views to date) that is; ‘To This Day'. His TED talk “To This Day… For the Bullied and the Beautiful” has over 6 million views and was selected by Sir Ken Robinson as one of the top ten talks on education.

Shane has also released numerous books, his first collection Visiting Hours won Best Book of the Year from The Guardian and The Globe and Mail, he has also released a novel in verse Stickboy (in collaboration with the Vancouver Opera) and a graphic novel entitled Silence is a Song I Know All the Words To. In 2010 he performed at Opening Ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

"Homer must have sounded [like this]… or Ginsberg or Kerouac." - Amy Brown, The Lumiere Reader

Doors open 7.30pm
Tickets £20

Facebook: Shane Koyczan Poetry
Twitter: @koyczan