At our monthly Loud Poets shows at the Scottish Storytelling Centre we bring you some of the UK’s top spoken word artists with a distinctly I Am Loud twist. Our excellent guest poets perform work based on the title of the show, take part in our random poetry prompt game, and wow the audience with a feature set. Each poet also performs a single piece with musical accompaniment from the insanely talented Jack Hinks. The show also features a video from Loud Film and is hosted by our very own Kevin Mclean.

You can book tickets for any of the dates listed below by visiting the events section of the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

20/09 | 11/10 | 22/11 | 20/12


Poems, phrases, and even just words breathe new life into us and allow us to envision the world as it could be. In the same way, spoken word enlivens poetry and causes words to leap from the page, through the air, and straight into the souls of the listeners – to infinity and beyond. [...] These award-winning spoken word poets are clever, quick-witted and insightful as they bring the art of poetry into the modern era.

There is something for everyone and both the mixed demographic of the audience and the inclusion of musical accompaniment and a video project combining science and art are testament to this. Poetry used to be seen as the preserve of the educated classes, something too complex for the everyday man to enjoy and something English teachers would all too often sadly bore their students with come exam time. But Loud Poets, and all the artists here tonight, quash that stereotype with their rhythmic, engaging performances which give poetry a platform quite different from the stuffy classrooms most will have first encountered the literary form in.

This isn’t a black turtleneck, dark glasses and smashed avocado setting. This is a pint, a laugh, a cry, but most of all this is welcoming. It gives you that warm fuzzy feeling only bliss, comfort or gin can bring. So, lose yourself in the warmth of words, take the chance and get loud about poetry.