We were delighted to be commissioned by the wonderful Jenny Lindsay to create a series of 3 videos supporting her 2019 touring show and book, both titled ‘This Script’. The title piece for the project is an (almost entirely) univocal poem in and about ‘I’,  and like the show itself, it expertly dissects gender and feminism.

To match the iconoclastic nature of this poem, we decided to thoroughly break our cardinal rule of poetry videos, 'no literal interpretations'. We opted to create a video which rigidly interprets the poem to the visual medium of film, breaking down single lines or even individual words into its own image, using devices such as acting, physical expression, typography, design, imagery and BSL we created an evocatively stylized piece which is as eye-catching as it is emotive.

Like most of our projects we created this entirely in-house, from pitching initial concept ideas and minutely interpreting the poem in scripting, to art direction, shooting, editing, and colour grading.